Porsche Cayenne

$499.00 / Day

Feature Value
Security Deposit 500-2000 $
Includes 100 miles per day
Extra Miles $2/Mile
Transmission Tiptronic
Seats 5
Engine 2.9 V6
0-60 mph 5.2 sec
MSRP $84,000
Horsepower 440

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New Porsche Cayenne S 2022 gives a feeling of prestige and excitement. The crossover design received evolutionary changes, as the company decided to maintain the appearance and general features of its predecessor, which was in great demand. You can rent a Porsche in Miami and feel the power of this tremendous crossover.

General Overview
Porsche Cayenne S 2022 in a new body received a larger grille with side air intakes and two horizontal bars crossing them. The head optics also underwent revisions, and hood and trimmed bumper became more prominent. It is difficult to recognize the new car in profile – manufacturer slightly changed the rear door openings, and also lengthened the rear overhang. In addition, it has new narrow lights with a wide diode jumper between them. There is no doubt that it is a great option for exotic car rentals Miami.

Interior and Technology
The center console houses a large 12.3-inch touchscreen multimedia system, and most physical buttons with a dashboard gave way to touch counterparts. In addition, new steering wheels and transmission selectors appeared in the car, and the quality of the finishing materials was improved. The interior of the new Cayenne has become a little more spacious, and the boot volume has increased. All in all, three main pluses of Porsche Cayenne S 2022:

the totally new body;
useful devices;
updated design.


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